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ETERRA provides professional advice and high quality services dto each customer, to ensure the protection and defense of their creations.

Brief story of ETERRA

It was in the year 1947 that Jose María Eguía was given, in Córdoba, the representation of a firm specialized in Trademarks and Patents of Buenos Aires. He shared the Córdoba Customer Service with his 18-years-old son Jorge Raul Eguía (second generation).

In 1990, the family third generation was incorporated to the company along with Engineer Jorge Raul Eguía Terradas who, in 1999, continued with customer service under the trademark ETERRA, a name that arose from joining their last names Eguía TERRAdas.

We have already provided services in Córdoba, Argentina and abroad for over 60 years. ETERRA has got modern offices, technological support and highly-qualified professionals which results from years of work and continuous growth.


Our Vision

To position ourselves as an entity that legitimizes intellectual property in general; and specialises in registry, monitoring and positioning of our customers´ trademarks

Our Mision

To provide proffessional consultancy and high-quality services to our customers in order to guarantee them that their creations will be protected and defended.
Our customer service system is led by the customization principle. Our personnel is continuously trained and our data base structure is constantly updated so as to offer our customers total guarantee for our consultancy services.

ETERRA’s Staff

Ing. Jorge Raúl Eguía

Ing. Jorge Raúl Eguía

Industrial Property Agent. Professional register nº 935.
jorgeeguia @

He is the head of ETERRA since 1947 providing professional services related to intellectual property, registration, custody of trademarks and patents.

Dr. Lucas Pasetti

Dr. Lucas Pasetti

Associate Director of Legal Department.
lucaspasetti @

Dra. Mariana Puebla
Dr. Mariana Puebla

Oppositions Department
marianapuebla @

Andrea Eguia
Andrea Eguia

Foreign Affairs Department
andreaeguia @

Miriam Abad
Miriam Abad

administracion @