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A trademark is the synthesis of your company, product and service in the mind of customers and clients. Registration is a right and obligation as the leader of a business. This will provide legal security in the operations made between you, providers and consumers.

One must register trademarks in order to avoid sales loss as well as to avoid damaging a company’s image as a result of confusion or plagiarism. The law only protects those who have the proper industrial property registration, and it will be given to the first person to initiate the procedures.

A trademark is subject to economic value. It can be transferred, sold, and also rented through franchising. Trademarks are a main component to the core value of a company.

In many activities, registration is a step that must be done in order to start developing a business.

Do you need to start the procedure to obtain a trademark with efficiency and confidentiality? Do you need your trademark to be protected in Argentina, Mercosur and the rest of the world? Do you have name for a product or service and want to protect it? Do you have innovative products and services and want to offer them in the market?

Benefits of protecting Trademark

A trademark gives your business a solid foundation to develop and grow. Clients and customers will recognize the company and separate it from the rest.

Trademark keeps others from copying the name of a product and service, shielding it against plagiarism.

The legal protection of the trademark is only obtained through the proper registration. The experience professionals at ETERRA can help to successfully and properly register a trademark. Trademark registration is a minimal investment that lasts for 10 years.

Remember that any name that is not registered as a trademark can be used freely by anyone!

ETERRA offers viability analysis and counseling for the correct protection of the industrial property, legal assistance, periodic research to detect similar potential trademarks, national and international transferences, internet domains, registration, contracts and licensing.