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Information to consider before software registration:

The software industry is highly vulnerable because it is an intangible product that is easy to copy. Some of the problems that this vulnerability causes are:

  • Loss of information without the possibility of proving origin and author.
  • Constant innovation of products that replace older programs in a very short period of time
  • Intangibility of products and services. This affects identification and value for consumers and requires the production of specific trademarks that allow the costumers to remember and recognize among the wide variety of existing products.
  • Unauthorized copying is widely spread through the world.

These circumstances have generated legal tools such as the Law for the Author rights, trademark and patents that allows creators to demonstrate entitlement to such creations and allows professionals to protect the rights of the producers against copy and plagiarism.

The protection of software as an intellectual property is a branch in the jurisdiction of Copyrights.
Software programs can be registered as intellectual property to protect the author’s developments against illegal copying.

We understand software programs, designs and the technical documents produced. We are able to explain, support and train for software development.

There are two different type of software:

Published Program

When the software has already been published and offered to consumers. The registration lasts as lontoinstalables. Copyrights last for the life of the author plus 70 years.

Unpublished work

ETERRA offers its services to the constantly innovative and pushing market of software and hardware, legally protecting creations. We offer assistance to develop a strategy that covers all the aspects of the copyrights to obtain permanent registration for programs, literary works and trademarks, protecting them from plagiarism and from the risk of someone else obtaining the registration of your product. Eterra also offers legal assistance for contracts and legal actions regarding intellectual property.

Important: These registrations can be included in the programs supported by the BID, that give up to a 50% discount on the total amount of the investment.