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Copyright protects the rights of the author against plagiarism, and covers the following types of creations:

  • Software, web sites.
  • Literature, art and scientific.
  • Music, cinematics and pantomimic.
  • Drawings, paintings, sculptures, architecture, models.
  • Scientific projects applied to commerce, economy, industry, etc.
  • The law protects the intellectual manifestation, as well as the method and style that somebody employs to express.

Worldwide protection: Copyright coverage is global and is not limited to the country where the copyright was registered. The copyright is valid in all the countries that are associated with the Berna Convention.

Intellectual property is divided into four categories:

Published Works

Protection for books. Before publishing, the author must apply for an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) where a universal number is issued. Such numbers include the country and publishing company. This number allows the organization of all the publications in the world. Every book needs to have this number printed in it.
After being published, authors must apply for intellectual property rights by sending three copies of the books with the form to the Copyright Agency in Buenos Aires. This gives the author the right to receive economic benefits. The term of duration of this right is as long as the author lives, and 70 more years after author’s death, inherited to immediate descendents.

Periodic publication

A periodic publication is a right given to works published periodically, with a minimum frequency of once a year. It is an obligation to obtain the number and to print it in the work.

This protects the intellectual property rights and gives the author the possibility to initiate legal actions against anybody that copies the work of the author without authorization.
The term of this right is 1 year. It may be extended indefinitely.

Other Copyrights

This covers copyrights that are not edited or published. It may include music, art, scientific, etc.
The term of duration for this right is of 3 years that may be extended for equal periods of time.


  • Defense: the deposit gives the owner the possibility to prove that his work is a product of his intellect in a legally recognized way. It also helps avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism, the partial or total copy or modification of the registered material.
  • Deterrence: prevents others from reproducing the intellectual property.
  • Priority: the first person to deposit and apply for the intellectual property right has the right before anybody that presents similar material after. Copyright 11.723 establishes that the first person to present any material for its registration is going to be considered the author and owner of the right. This is very important as plagiarism is very common and many authors lose their work to others that register copies before them.

Software Intellectual Property

See here the specific section for Software Copyright.

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