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The use of barcodes has been spread many years ago. This has helped the development of business and companies, making stocking systems and cashing a lot faster and easier.

For many years, businesses and companies have utilized barcodes to expedite the purchasing, inventory, and accounting process.

This is made possible with the combined technology of laser scanners and EAN symbology. This allows the recognition of parallel bars as a series of number. This system is a requisite if a product will be commercialized in many companies and countries if.

Barcode technology is made possible by the combined technology of laser scanners and EAN symbology, which together allow the recognition of parallel bars as a series of numbers. The use of this technology is vital to a company seeking to commercialize a product in many companies and countries.

The importance of standardization:

It is essential for businesses to utilize the barcode system of product identification in order to incorporate and offer products on a wide market. Every major and important retailer requires products be labeled with barcodes in order to expedite and facilitate purchasing as well as inventory. While implementing a barcode system was once an advantage over competitors, it is now a necessity.
CODIGO is the agency that regulates barcodes in Argentina and represents EAN from Buenos Aires. Most countries have a similar agency that serves a similar purpose.

There are two official barcode systems. The EAN is utilized worldwide and UPC is
utilized in the USA and Canada.

How are the numbers organized?

The barcode numbers are organized from left to right. In the EAN 13 code the first three numbers represent the country (779=Argentina). The next six numbers represent the company and the last three numbers represent a specific product as chosen by the company. The last number is for control. There is an EAN 8 which contains 8 numbers and is given only to products that are small in size.

In order to obtain a barcode for your business’ products and utilize this barcode properly, you must follow several established requirements. Some of these requirements involve the combination of colors, the place on the packaging where the code must be printed, and the size of the symbol. Additionally, the barcode must be renewed every year.

ETERRA offers counseling and assistance in order to help you and your company
renew and/or obtain barcodes for your products.