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We offer significant benefits to those persons or companies that can provide carteras de potential clients the services offered by ETERRA.

ETERRA collaborates with a wide range of partners. We provide benefits for those businesses or individuals that provide services to companies in the following activities:

  • Trademark and patent agents of foreign countries.
  • Accountant and attorney firms.
  • Business associations.
  • Marketing or Advertising.

This Partner Program serves to expand our network of Commercial Representatives, offering benefits to those individuals and companies that have a list of contacts of potential users of the services offered by ETERRA.

If you consider the services of ETERRA are useful for your clients, send us an email with a description of your company and a proposition for how we could work together to jorgeeguia @

If you work in Argentina, and would like to be a Commercial Representative of ETERRA in your area, all us or send an email to jorgeeguia @ We will send you all the information and benefits that are available to you.

f you are a Trademark and Patent Agent that works outside of Argentina and wish ETERRA to be your correspondent in Argentina, send an email to jorgeeguia @